Sustainability is a key objective for SK UV Gele. By placing our entire value chain in our own plant in Mönchengladbach and limiting our supply chain to Europe, we are minimizing transport distance and reducing our ecological footprint. Choosing sustainable raw materials is also one of the elements of our sustainably approach.

Our responsibility for our planet goes beyond mere words and needs concrete action and commitment. We must make sustainable action the norm today and in the future. That’s why it’s natural for us to support the Commit for Our Planet initiative and to be passionate about sustainability together.

Nicole Simon CEO & Founder


Commitment: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

We are in the process of converting to environmentally friendly LED lighting-within the entire company.

In the coming future, we are planning to acquire advanced and energy-saving production and filling machines – and further convert to climate-neutral electricity.

We are currently developing a process to optimize our production processes with a view of becoming particularly climate-friendly. In order to conserve resources, for example, all incoming orders are to be initially bundled and produced just in time, so as not to place an unnecessary burden on storage capacities and to avoid unnecessary power consumption and cleaning effort. This process is already currently being partially implemented. In the future its implementation will be finalized and optimized further and further in terms of sustainability.

We use our raw materials responsibly and thus save energy. This means that we do not waste raw materials to produce stock, but always produce for the current order.

We also pay special attention to optimal waste separation beyond the legal requirements.

Disposable pallets that we are currently using will be in the future totally replaced by environmentally friendly, re-usable Euro pallets.

As a next step, we will calculate the company’s footprint (Scope 1, 2 and 3) according to the GHG Protocol, set and communicate targets for GHG emissions and implement an internal action plan to reduce them by 2030.


As for packaging, we already rely on recyclable materials and do not use polystyrene packaging chips, for example.

We are planning to optimize packing for all our products by means of designing recyclable inner packaging that would allow for secure transportation without the need to add unnecessary filling material.

Commitment: Increase recycled content

Our glass bottles are already produced from 65% recyclable glass. By July 2030, we would like to increase the percentage of recycled materials used in our packaging.