We define sustainability as economically, ecologically, and socially responsible actions (both internally and externally) that achieve a positive impact for future generations. The foundation of our actions is a future-oriented long-term strategy reinforcing a respectful approach to people and the environment. Therefore, we focus on three areas: People, Planet, Product.

 CURA COSMETICS GROUP has embedded sustainability at the heart of its strategic vision. We are passionate about advancing sustainability initiatives to collectively ensure a habitable planet for future generations. Commit for our Planet represents a holistic approach within the cosmetics industry, where we unite to address one of the most significant challenges we all face.

Gerhard Kaiser, Managing Partner


Commitment: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

We are committed to reducing our GHG emissions. We will define, implement, and communicate through our annual sustainability reports a holistic GHG reduction and action plan by 2026.

We have initiated the process of calculating our Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) for the period starting from the calendar year 2019, including the entire supply chain. To ensure the credibility and accuracy of this assessment, we are working with a third-party certification provider.

Several measures have been implemented regarding our Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF).

  • We have dedicated efforts to enhance the quality of our data.
  • In a proactive step to address our emissions, we have taken action to offset the emissions resulting from our overseas transportation.
  • We have modernized our mobility concept, placing a strong emphasis on sustainability. This includes the adoption of electric vehicles for our employees, the promotion of teleworking to reduce commuting emissions, sponsorship of public transportation for our workforce, and the incorporation of electric bikes into our mobility options.
  • To reduce our carbon footprint further, we are placing a focus on sourcing our packaging materials regionally, aligning with our commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • We have  calculated the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) for several of our products in collaboration with an external partner.




We analyzed part of our product portfolio to assess factors such as recycling rate, PCF (Product Carbon Footprint), the reduction of packaging material, and the conservation of resources.

To make improvements regarding the recycling rate, PCF, packaging material reduction, and resource conservation, we are developing a packaging guide specifically for our product management department. This guide includes strategies like increasing the use of recycled materials, enhancing the recycling rate, introducing more refill options, and reducing the quantity of primary and secondary packaging material.

Based on our analysis of the product portfolio and considering the latest legal developments in the EU, we will establish clear targets and goals for our sustainability efforts.

Commitment: Increase recycled content

Cura Cosmetics Group is committed to increase the recycled content of our packaging materials and is currently developing a clear strategy towards this goal.

Commitment: Promote packaging recycling

As an element of our sustainability strategy, we are exploring efficient ways to encourage end consumers to participate in packaging recycling.

Commitment: Sustainably source wood-based packaging

Cura Cosmetics Group already uses FSC-certified wood-based packaging and as part of our sustainability strategy, we are currently analyzing the possibility of increasing the proportion of FSC-certified packaging in our product portfolio.

Commitment: Joining existing packaging initiatives

Cura Cosmetics Group commits to join an existing robust packaging initiative by 2025.


Commitment: Act for nature within operations

We are closely collaborating with our contract manufacturers who have their own sustainability strategies in place, with a specific focus on minimizing water usage. We commit to identify our tier one contract manufacturing facilities located in high-risk areas globally by 2025 using the Europe Cosmetics methodology.
For all the facilities identified in high-risk areas, we will establish reduction targets and develop a comprehensive water stewardship program by the year 2030. These will be reviewed periodically on a three-year basis.

Commitment: Act for nature through sustainable ingredient sourcing

We commit to conducting an analysis of upstream nature-related risks to pinpoint critical risk ingredients based on the Cosmetics Europe database by the year 2025. For identified priority ingredients, we commit to investigate the ingredient traceability up to farm level by 2030.

Commitment: Act for nature downstream of operations

We commit to conducting an analysis of downstream nature-related risks to pinpoint critical risk ingredients based on the Cosmetics Europe database by the year 2030.