As we launch the new phase of our sustainability journey, we want to build on our accomplishments but also strive to make significant leaps forward. We will take on greater responsibility, engage our entire ecosystem and demonstrate that companies can be part of the solution to the challenges the world is facing. This is necessary because we need to prepare ourselves for the world of tomorrow and anticipate the challenges that will come with it. Through this in-depth transformation, we hope to be a catalyst of change in the beauty sector and beyond, and to inspire our customers and all people to take action with us. L’Oréal for the Future.
We are delighted to support “Commit for Our Planet” and act collectively for a sustainable future and the generation to come.

Ana Kljuic, Director L4TF & Green Sciences


Commitment: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

By 2025, all our sites will achieve carbon neutrality by improving energy efficiency and using 100% renewable energy. By 2030, we will reduce by 50% on average and per finished product, the greenhouse gas emissions linked to the transport of our products, compared to 2016.


By 2030, 100% of the plastic used in our packaging will be either from recycled or biobased sources (we will reach 50% by 2025). By 2030, we will reduce by 20% in intensity the quantity of packaging used in our products, compared to 2019.


Commitment: Act for nature within operations

By 2030, 100% of our industrial sites and all our operated buildings will have a positive impact on biodiversity, compared to 2019. In 2030, 100% of the water used in our industrial processes will be recycled and reused in a loop. By 2030, 100% of the waste generated in our sites will be recycled or reused.

Commitment: Act for nature through sustainable ingredient sourcing

By 2030, 100% of the biobased ingredients for formulas and for packaging materials will be traceable and will come from sustainable sources; none of them will be linked to deforestation. To limit our impact on natural habitats, we are committing to holding flat, by 2030, the total land occupancy vital to the sourcing of our ingredients, compared to 2019.

By 2030, 95% of our ingredients in formulas will be biobased, derived from abundant minerals or from circular processes.

Commitment: Acting for nature downstream of operations

By 2030, we will also innovate to enable our consumers to reduce by 25%, on average and per finished product, the water consumption linked to the use of our products, compared to 2016. By 2030, we will evaluate all our formulas thanks to our environmental test platform, to guarantee they are respectful of all aquatic ecosystems, whether continental or coastal.