Rituals has a holistic approach to improving wellbeing for people and planet. Our sustainability strategy is divided in 3 pillars: Clean, Conscious and Caring.

Our clean pillar refers to carefully selecting our ingredients to ensure there is nothing in our formulas that should not be there. Our conscious pillar refers to making sustainable choices for our packaging and in our business operations. Our caring pillar, refers to support developing community projects worldwide to make soulful, conscious living available to all.

We aim to lead with care, compassion and commitment for the wellbeing for the people and the planet working hard to make positive sustainable changes. We are convinced that to achieve this, collaboration is essential. We are pleased to join Cosmetics Europe’s Commit for our Planet Initiative and look forward to have fruitful discussions with industry peers and work together to solve common sustainability challenges. 

Niki Schilling, Director of Innovation & Sustainability


We are committed to achieving Net-Zero by 2050. Our near-term Net-Zero goal is to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 50% of every product sold by 2030 compared to 2021. We are working to achieve this goal through a number of actions, including exploring:

  • fragrance impact reduction with our Fragrance House partner,
  • switch to “best in class” low impact ingredients,
  • recycled content materials for our packaging, and
  • the optimisation of our supply-chain.


By 2025, 100% of our packaging will be refillable, recyclable or made from recycled material. Example of current actions we are undertaking to support this goal include assessing the recyclability of our products, exploring expanding our refill assortment and shifting to low carbon recycled materials.


We are working to ensure traceable or environmental certified ingredients (e.g. coconut oil). In 2023, we will map out the traceability of our ingredients and conduct a risk assessment.